Ice Hotel adventure

Dreaming of a winter wonderland or white Christmas experience? We decided to try a bit of unusual holiday - the ultimate winter adventure of staying at a hotel made of ice. I highly recommend staying at one of the uniquely designed hotels in Europe. As a more affordable option I picked the Ice hotel in… Continue reading Ice Hotel adventure

Best Valentine`s Day If You Are Staying In

Valentine`s Day is just one of the days in the year that you should spend special time with your other half, having Me&You time and put some more effort in making it memorable. This doesn`t mean buying everything out there to show someone you love them – it is about taking the time to do… Continue reading Best Valentine`s Day If You Are Staying In

Follow your dreams

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of dreams? Do you remember how old were you when you had your first dream? Do you remember what it was? Have you dreamed of travelling the world, going to a concert of your favourite band, watching your favourite football team, having a Porsche when you grow up?