Chill on the beach in Krabi

Thailand is one of the most amazing places I`ve been to so far. I always remember the happy feeling of watching the sunset in Ao Nang while having a Pina Colada served in a coconut. Every time I think of that moment and of being there – this happy feeling comes back.

Pina Colada served in a coconut – a MUST have on the beach

What is not to love about Thailand – the weather, the scenery, the people, the food, the affordable massages in every corner, the cocktails in fresh coconuts? This place has it all!

I particularly love the ice cream also served in coconut – just be careful in case monkeys jump on you trying to steal it – they also love it! monkeys

One monkey jumped on my shoulder and tried to take my lovely ice-cream! Taking my desserts is always unsuccessful but that was a good attempt. My fiancé Nick had to sacrifice his ice-cream so the monkey was happy and so was I.




Watching most of the long-tail boats coming back after their daytrips and the sunset – pure relaxation.

Ao Nang beach, Krabi
Enjoying the sunset in Ao Nang, Krabi
One of the magical Thai sunsets

Later on the streets of Ao Nang wake up – all the shops, restaurants, bars with live music, the drag queens – everything is buzzing and is full of life.


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