A Day Trip to Bruges

Bruges is a perfect weekend gateway, great for a day trip or a stop over in Belgium.

Horse drawn carriage tour in Bruges, Belgium

Walk around the beautiful city – Since 2000 the medieval centre of Bruges is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Try some of the best craft beers in the world! Did you know Belgium has more than 450 beers to choose from? There is even a place with kind of a “wall of fame” of all that variety – a bottle display of every Belgian beer. Ask for recommendations or a taster menu with samples of different beers or visit Bruges beer experience.

Shopping! There are planet of shops in the centre of the city

Enjoy a boat tour, bike ride or a segway tour.

Boat tours in Bruges

You must have a Belgian Waffle.

The famous Belgian waffles

Enjoy a Belgian hot chocolate! If you are a dark chocolate lover like me – you will be super excited. Chocoholics – this is your dream place! So many gorgeous shops with such a great variety for every taste, dream place for chocolate lovers.

Pommes Frites

Eat Pommes frites – one of the most popular dishes in Belguim!

Apparently, it is the Belgians that introduced the first fried potatoes in the 17th century. The crispy and delicious fries are normally served with sauce – many to chose from and it does compliment them perfectly! You can`t get bored of fries that way! They are also a perfect side dish to mussels – one of the other dishes you should try while in Bruges. If you want to know more about the history and the secrets of the Belgian fries, you can visit the Frietmuseum.

The city has many restaurants with Michelin stars. Explore! If you love cheese, mussel or chocolate – that`s your place!

Getting there by car from the UK

From the UK, you can take the ferry from Dover to Calais in France (ferry takes 1h and 30mins) and then it is 1hour and 30mins drive from Calais to Bruges city centre. Alternative option which I find extremely convenient is taking the Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais (tunnel takes only 30mins) and then the same 1hour and 30mins drive. Parking locations in Bruges are extremely convenient –  you can find more information here http://www.car-parking.eu/belgium/bruges

Stay inspired and eat chocolate!


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