Best Valentine`s Day If You Are Staying In

Valentine`s Day is just one of the days in the year that you should spend special time with your other half, having Me&You time and put some more effort in making it memorable. This doesn`t mean buying everything out there to show someone you love them – it is about taking the time to do things TOGETHER – that is what matters the most! The little details and thoughts to create amazing memories and happy moments is what it is all about!

Here are some tips how to make Valentine`s dinner special if you are staying at home rather going out to a restaurant.

Special home cooked dinner menu

My husband normally creates absolute masterpiece for every special day for us and Valentine`s Day is one of them. A menu suggestion is below! It is great if you create a theme night so you can match the type of cuisine you are cooking with the music and table settings to create the perfect ambience.


If you have time, it`​s great to make the dessert from scratch however we are normally pretty busy with work so we tend to opt for ready desserts – plenty of variety from many cake shops with Valentine`s theme decoration or your choice of dessert from any supermarket – just add your own touch for the decor. You can have a whole variety of desserts – for chocolate lovers like me there is never enough chocolate and this is a perfect day to indulge in sweetness! So many shops create beautiful chocolate creations – explore and try something new!

Romantic setting

Who doesn`t love some candles, flowers and good music? You can create the perfect atmosphere at the comfort of your home with the help of those 3 things. Then all you need is your special other half!

Special gifts

I think a personalised card for Valentine`s day is always a romantic thing to do – spend

Classic for Valentine`s  Day – Red Roses

time creating it to show you invested time thinking about your loved one – this is what matters the most. Most women love flowers at any time of the year (unless they are allergic). Flowers are always a good choice for any special occasion and also just for no specific reason – just because you want to make somebody`s day special​ and make them smile! Not only on Valentine`s Day but make giving flowers a habit – why not something to give your loved one every week!

I think great choice for Valentine`s Day is a plant that you can look after and see it grow plus it lasts longer than a bouquet! You can also go for flower seeds and plant them together! Flower seeds was actually one of our wedding favours – let love grow and let`s grow together!


Jewellery is also an option – items with certain symbolism or engraved to add the personal meaning and message to your loved one.

Tiffany and Co. amazing pieces

An amazing surprise that I had from my husband on our wedding day (totally ruined all the makeup of course cause it brought tears of happiness) is a keepsake box with 100 reasons why I love you. My husband spent hours decorating the box and each single message and of course writing every single reason! All 100 of them! Very thoughtful and very special!

A keepsake box with 100 reasons why I love you

Other amazing gift ideas can be engraved candles (Jo Malone`s candles are perfect for special occasions), acrylic photo, 3D photo cube, personalised scrapbook or a hand casting kit – create memories together and bring the best memories alive!

Instead of going to the cinema to watch a movie – you can get a Movie Night In set and enjoy a movie on the sofa.

Movie night in set

Whatever you do – do something you both love and make every minute that you spend together a memorable one! Be happy, love and be loved!


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